Friday, September 25, 2009

My life, in bullet points

  • I got home from Georgia, and was home on time. Hubby had the house clean and had dinner ready.
  • Work is crazy busy.
  • The girls both left to spend the night at Brett's house. I hope they get along. I've enjoyed the evening with Kevin, uninterrupted.
  • We plan to keep Kameron all weekend, after picking her up in the morning.
  • Missy is a creep. (just kidding.)
  • 3 busy weekends in a row are coming up, so it's time for me to relax in preparation.
  • Go Carl Edwards!
  • I'm off to sleep. Ciao, babe!


Donna said...

You have to work the next three weekends?

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, don't tell Susie your training secrets that you use on Kevin or I'll be forced to shoot Carl's tires. At every race.

Rachel said...

Mom, no, not work. Company next weekend, and then Kevin's in Carthage for the following 2 weekends.

David, from the way he qualified at Dover, no shooting necessary.