Monday, January 19, 2009

Web Classes

So I teach web classes at work.  They are elementary, really.  One is intended to teach new customers how to find their way around our web site.  It's pretty straight forward.  I talk for a living, so talking isn't a problem.  Talking for an hour with no feedback, though?  That's another story.

So, I talk, show my slides, and teach.  It's rough.  I get a froggy throat, struggle to answer the typed questions, and keep going, no matter what technical issues may arise.  I'm good at talking.  If you've met me, you know this.  It's just so different when it's one-sided.

Tomorrow, I teach a class that I've never taught before.  In fact, I just finished writing the class tonight.  I have to set it up in power point, import it into webex, and get ready to roll.  I'm not nervous in the sense that I can't do it.  I'm nervous because there are technical issues that arise that I can do NOTHING about.

Audio can fail.  My presentation may not load.  Someone could have trouble logging into the meeting.  I can deal with any of those issues, but not while I'm teaching.  I won't have a "second chair" tomorrow.  Usually, there's someone else there to deal with the details, while the teacher teaches.  Tomorrow, it ain't happening.

Anyway, I can do it.  I'm not cocky, but I'm confident.  I have a case of the nerves, but by 11 in the morning, the class will be a memory, and I'll revamp it, based on what happens during this inaugural session.  

I really love this job more than any job I've ever had, but it's also the most stressful.  I have constant stress, but can usually do what it takes to move beyond the troublesome things.  Tomorrow will be no different.  The trade show this weekend in Kentucky?  We'll deal with that when it gets here.  LOL


Hollie said...

I know you will do just fine!

Sonya said...

Well, I think I saw in facebook that all went just fine. yay. KY ought to be fun!