Friday, January 2, 2009


I slept late, played around online, did the dishes, and then it started.  Natalie started nagging me to go shopping.  She had a few bucks of Christmas money still left, and wanted to go to Deals.  I had promised that we would, so we started trying to wake Monica.

No go, captain.  She had NO interest in going ANYWHERE, or even in getting out of bed.  OK, fair enough, it was to be just two of us out, facing the world.  Natalie bought more balloon animal balloons, since she fancies it her new talent.  I have to admit, she's quite good.

We went to see Mom and Dad, after a grocery trip, but they were gone on the bike.  Back home, we played some Xbox, watched some TV, and generally lazed around.  Kevin got home after working open to close, and now we're all doing NOTHING constructive.  I see where this weekend is headed.  LOL

Monica's two friends that were here for the NYE party managed to get a big ol' fat virus on my PC.  Thanks, girls.  It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't told them to stay OFF of the computer.  When I walked in 5 minutes later, the two of them were online, and Monica was on the far side of the room.  Yeah, she knows what happens when you disobey.  

I told her guests that they were done, and I shut the computer down.  Unfortunately, and I didn't realize until yesterday evening, it was too late.  Norton won't update, AVG failed me, so now I'm in the market for a new anti-virus software.  I'm going to just pay for one.  I'm sick of this.

There are also a couple of girls who will NOT be in this house again unless the computers are off, and it'll be a while, even at that.  It was a cheap computer, but not THAT cheap.  Not disposable, for heaven's sake.

I'm off to watch these 2 brats beat the crap out of each other on Super Nanny, now.  Makes my girls look like angels.


Donna said...

Try Avast. It's free, and it's what the puter tech at Odessa installed in my computer.

Hollie said...

Sorry about your puter. I know how that is too.

Heather said...

I am a little late, but you may want to try a free malware service. I had the same thing happen....