Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Please Excuse Me. I have PDAS.

I know about PMS.  This feels a lot like that, but it's not the right time.  Sorry, guys.  I should have warned you about THAT, but I didn't.  Too late.

I had a freak-out sort of day.  Last night and today have been tough, and now that I'm seeing a pattern, tomorrow will be rough, too.  My Modus Operandi is to freak the HELL out before an appointment, and then be fine as soon as it's over.  Whether the news is good or bad, it's news.  I need information.  Waiting sucks.  It is Pre Doctor Appointment Syndrome.  I suffer it greatly.

Tomorrow is my oncologist appointment.  I will find out what medication will be involved to help me kick this thing's ass.  I find out if I'll lose my hair.  I find out if I'll be too exhausted to work at the level that I want to during this thing.  It doesn't matter.  Tell me I'll kick it's butt, and I'll do what you say.  It's just the unknown that is killing me.  It did last week, too.

So, I suffer from PDAS.  I'll be about to pass out on the way into the Dr's office, and fine when I walk out.  Just like last week.  Now that I can name it and recognize it, I plan to laugh at the tears.  Laugh at the shaking hands.  Laugh at the stupid reactions I seem to have to certain things.  We're out of rice?  WAHHHH!  LOL

Sorry.  You can't judge me right now.  I have PDAS.


Donna said...

I have lots of rice.

nerves05 said...

Understandable. completely.. I would be the same.
So your excused.. totally.

Hey Momma Donna has plenty of rice :-)

Hang in there!!!!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Ha! I flipped out getting an IV put in for my CAT scan after my surgery, pre chemo. They missed twice and by then I was in hysterics and bawling. I got up to go wash my face in the bathroom and I heard one tech say to the other, she isn't going to let us do it. When I got back they had called in a special nurse who does IV's all day to do mine. She slid it right in! I have to get an MRI this month, I'm taking a Zanax first! LOL