Friday, March 23, 2012

More of the Cancer Chronicles

I got a couple of calls today.  The first was from the genetic testing.  I was negative for the changed chromosome that is a precursor for cancer.  What does this mean?  It means that I got this "just because."  I don't have to have my kids tested, their kids tested, my brother and his kids tested, etc.  I hadn't told my family yet (other than the girls,) but if it had been positive, I'd have had to call family and beg them to get tested.  Thank God I didn't have to make those calls.  It also means that I'm not at any more risk to get cancer again than you are.  It's nothin' but a thing.

The second call was the surgeons office, telling me that they'd set up an appointment with the plastic surgeon.  That will be on April 4.  This means that I will NOT be having surgery within the next 2 weeks.  After this appointment, they'll tell me when the surgery will happen.  In the mean time, I have to get the EKG and PET scan.  That gives me at least 2 weeks to keep things going at work.

PHEW!  That's enough for tonight.  Both girls went to spend the night with friends tonight, so I'll likely forget the dishes and just crash early.  Tomorrow?  Kevin and I are having a date day.  Not a date night.  An entire date day.  No telling what we'll do, but we're doin' it.  Sweet!


Sonya said...

Have fun on the date day. Thanks for posting the update. I'm learning a lot as you post. So what could cause the cancer? Like things we eat? Like pesticides or chemicals? I guess if they knew they could stop it from happening. My doc told me that aspirin (81 mg coated) one per day, would help against cancer, stroke, and heart attack. So it's on the grocery list. Ya'll have a great day out!

Donna said...

Sonya, cancer has been around forever. There doesn't have to be a cause. My mom had cancer. Cliff's mom had cancer. Cliff's sister had cancer. God made a universe and put certain laws in order. The devil came and fooled around a little.
Things happen. All I know is, God didn't cause it.

Rachel said...

And the tests say it's not genetic. SWEET! No need for others in the family to worry. It happened because it happened. The end. I'm doing great. Better every day.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Yay! Congrats on the "not genetic" news. The little bits of good stuff go a long way right about now. Have fun on your date ~