Saturday, March 3, 2012

An Amazing Day with Family

It's been a LONG time since all four of our kids were in the same place.  We had them all today, and most of their family members as well.  I can't stop smiling as I look through all the pictures on Facebook.  Here are my kids:
They get along so well these days.  Well, not always:
I add the boy's ladies, and their kids:
And I'm smiling.  No, I'm beaming.


Donna said...

Great pictures!

Lindie said...

Lovely day for you! Only 1 of my grandchildren is close but I am lucky to have 6 more in TX plus 2 adopted grandchildren fairly close. My little ones are all in TX though. :( But I did get to watch my 11 yr old sing in Warrensburg yesterday. :)

nerves05 said...

Very beautiful family!!