Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Have Spaghetti

Don't pity me.  Don't cry when we talk.  Don't give me that look, OK?  I'm the same person I was on Wednesday.  I'm the same person I was last year.  Let me feel sad when I need to, and let me  be happy the rest of the time.  Don't put your "sad" on me.  I don't have the time nor the inclination to comfort YOU right now.  I'm sorry this is inconvenient for you, but it's happening.  Do me the same favor my family is doing:  Laugh with me, ask the questions you want to ask, and let's move on, OK?  I haven't been given a death sentence.  It's cancer.  Let's all say the word out loud.  Cancer.  It's not the same word as "death."  See?  You can say it.  It doesn't hurt you to say it.  It doesn't even hurt ME to say it.  "Cancer."  It's just another word.  Like "spaghetti."  Heh heh.  That made me laugh.  I have spaghetti.  I have breast spaghetti.  That's some funny shit right there.


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Lindie said...

keep on joking. Laughter is the best medicine. Reminds me of a movie that I saw years ago and can't remember the name of. A doctor who spent half his time making his patients laugh. Maybe Robin Williams?

Anita said...

I SO wish I had time to read blogs for hours everyday. If I did, I'd read your mom's daily.

Because I can't, and haven't, I'm just finding out about the spaghetti. :) I've been paging through your posts, skimming - wishing I had time to read each one. But I don't. Kids are coming home, eventually. Dog needs to be walked. Laundry done. Lunch eaten. Blah, blah, blah.

Would I be here, on your site, if it were not for the cancer? Honestly - probably not.

So why am I here?

Because, even though I don't know you, I care about you. I wish you didn't have cancer. I pray that it will go away and never come back.

Hang in there. Beat it!

Oh, I read your post where you showed your chest after surgery. I just had to click over to the link for the squeamish people. Nice sunny unicorn! LOL