Monday, March 12, 2012

I Don't KNOW!

I knew this morning would be rough.  I knew everyone would want more details.  I don't KNOW details.  I will meet with the surgeon on Thursday, and I have already started my list of questions.  Kevin is going with me so I don't miss/forget anything.  It's usually ME doing this for HIM.  LOL

So, I went to work with the same attitude I've had all weekend.  I joke.  Someone put an order at my desk and I said, "I can't do all this work.  I have CANCER!"  I wanted to puke out that C word as much as possible, so my workmates could get used to it, and learn to say it.  I made my girls say it this weekend, too.  They're doing better.

It's cancer, and that's all I know.  I'll know more Thursday.  Until then, let's see how many times I can play the "cancer card" at work (and at home.)  Tomorrow's my birthday, and I'll be able to say, "Please do _____ for me.  It's my birthday.  And I have cancer."

Evil?  Me?  Yeah, probably.


small farm girl said...

It's my birthday too! And yes, you are an evil person. lol

nerves05 (nancy) said...

You deal with it how you need to. Even if it is a little bit

Lindie said...

Love your attitude. That's a hard word to say and to think about. I really believe a positive attitude works best.