Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One More Step

They called this afternoon.  I have an appointment with the oncologist on Thursday afternoon at 2:30.  That's when I'll find out what they want to do, medically.  Chemo?  Radiation?  Both?  Who knows?  I will know by Thursday evening.  After that, it'll be another appointment with the surgeon (early next week) to get our final game plan in place.

If I am to do chemo, I'll likely start nearly immediately.  WAH!  Yes, that is freaking me out more than the other stuff.  Yes, I know.  Yes, it will grow back.  Yes, I'll feel good again after.  Yes, I know.  Hell, I'll cry about what I want to, OK?  Today I cried because I won't get perfect attendance this year.  Stupid?  Yup.  I'm really proud of perfect attendance, and I'm looking for little things to freak out about, so I don't freak out about having cancer.  Later, I intend to cry over spilled milk.  Try to stop me.

OK, that made it sound like I'm crying non-stop.  That's not true.  I functioned at work JUST fine today.  I'm doing fine now.  There are just certain times that I need to cry.  Hell, let's keep it in perspective:  I cry at the Folgers Christmas commercials!  I cry at greeting card commercials.  I cry at sappy movies.  It's what I'm good at.


Donna said...

You'll get through it. Easy for me to say, isn't it? But you will!

Cindi said...

Would ya just, .. cry cry cry...hell I'll cry with ya....I hate holding back my tears, I do it all the time, which is wrong, I end up having headaches, backaches, makin me want to cry some more, then my sinus have issues, cuz I havent cried, tho when I try crying I'm all plugged up, and that's a different story all together, you do not want to get me started on that one, where was I.....oH yeh, for CRYING out loud, oooh now there's a thought...LOL....
What's with the "perfect" record, geesh it gripes me working with girls like you, if you would just call in a couple of times, it will be ok, cuz then I would know that MY perfect record, at a completely different work environment would count,and I'd have one less competitor in the race....lol

I hope I made you feel a lil better, and I hoped I made ya CRY LMAO....((((HUGS)))

Lindie said...

Hallmark commercials make me tear up