Monday, July 2, 2012

Surviving the Crash

I got out early to see Mom and Dad, and was glad I did.  As I sat on their couch, I could feel it coming.  It made me glad that we live fewer than two miles away from them.  I got home in time for "the crash."  The crash comes after the oral steroids are gone, and seems to leave me comatose for most of a day.  I asked Kevin to take the girls to get some lunch or something and I headed to bed.

Just like last time, I alternated between the bed and the recliner.  My limbs are like spaghetti and my lower back and legs hurt.  My head is full of oatmeal and my conversational skills are that of a carrot.  I'm so glad this only happens once per chemo cycle.  I gave in and went to bed around 6:30 last night, but even with Ambien I was awake at midnight.

I forced myself to stay in bed, and even dozed a bit, until 2:00.  At that point, I gave up.  I may as well get ready for work, if I'm going to be awake.  I'm also losing hair by the hands-full.  You can't tell to look at my head, but it's time to wear a hat, simply for shed control.  Every day is an adventure for me right now.   I should feel a bit better each day this week, so that is something to look forward to.

I'm also thankful that I've found more that sounds good to eat this time around.  Fruit is good, as is chicken and potatoes.  At least I can get some protein, if chicken tastes good to me.  Kevin grilled a bunch up for me, so I'll take that for lunches this week.  I hear the protein will make me feel better.  

Finally, the headaches are still here, but very mild compared to before.  My sleep patterns aren't improving, but the steroids being cut must have helped some.  Days seven and eight of the last cycle are the days when my headache hit the hardest, and I'm day six of this cycle.  I'm determined it's not going to happen this time.  

Oh, and we get Wednesday off!  Another plus!  I can't be in the sun and I wear out pretty easily, but Mom has a/c, so we'll go out there and let the girls blow some stuff up.  Yup, just another week, surviving chemo.


Amy said...

I read 'spaghetti, oatmeal, carrots...' and thought "well sommmebody is a little food obsessed today!" ;-D ....and that makes me happy.

Missie said...

I understand what your feeling. My mom went thru it when she had chemo and that was a few years ago. She's starting chemo again in two weeks and that's the one thing that she hates the most of the who treatment.


Your description is perfect. As you move forward with treatments, the better you'll cope. It's a rollercoaster ride for sure. One day at a time. HANG tough. I'm praying for you. Take care. Hope the 4th is a good day.

Penny said...

It's a little hard for me to read this right now, but I am encouraged by your attitude. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It really helped. I pray for you every day. Blessings, Penny

Lindie said...

I am so pleased you are documenting this on your blog. It will help me in the future to help my friends/relatives, I hope. Or maybe even myself

Bookncoffee said...

Just amazing to hear you talk about not sleeping and all you are going thru with this and then getting up and going to work. You are amazing.