Saturday, July 14, 2012


It may be too soon to claim victory, but I believe this round is easier.  I got eight hours of sleep on Thursday night (Kevin had to WAKE me for work!) and another 7 last night.  I didn't have a headache all day yesterday.  Not a single pain pill or Tylenol was necessary.  I'm still not enjoying the steroids and I'm still out of breath, but I think the cut-dose is something my body can become accustomed to.  Woo Hoo!

Today, we're going to the city market.  I doubt I'll make it as long as the rest of the group, but they have benches in various places and tables and chairs in the shade, so I can take a break when I need to.  We don't really need much in the way of produce, with Mom around, but it's fun to go, anyway.  We'll hit it early before it gets hot, too.  The planned group is myself, Kevin, Brooke and my girls.  Who knows if the girls will get out of bed in time.  :)

I'm going to hope that the trend for this cycle continues.  I felt pretty darned good  yesterday, even if I *did* fall asleep in the recliner at 8:30.  LOL  That's karma for all the times I've laughed at Kevin for nodding off.   Yup.  Karma.

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