Monday, April 2, 2012

Stupid Monday

It is NOT right that I would hope for surgery soon, just to get some time off.  This day was chock full of suck.  Everyone was mad, everyone was accusatory, everyone had a chip on his/her shoulder.  I fixed what I could, apologized for the things I couldn't fix, and moved on.

Oh, and I haven't had a smoke since Thursday evening.  Yeah.  I know.  Maybe that's why I'm crabby, but point it out or tell me how good it is for me, and I'll cut you deep.

Really?  Smoking is bad?  It smells bad?  It's expensive?  It's a health hazard?  Wow.  I had NO idea!

Sorry.  I'm crabby.  Stop being stupid, stop pitying me, stop lecturing me, stop ordering stuff you don't want, and stop being SO happy that I quit smoking.

Just quit it.

1 comment:

Sonya said...

Just gonna say "hi" have all the rest covered. lol Hope today is better!