Friday, April 6, 2012

Time for a Freak Out?

Nah.  Not really.  I'm having my moments, but I'm getting by just fine.  I did decide that next Friday is my last day at work, pre-op. I am taking the Monday and Tuesday before surgery to take care of some things, and make sure that I avoid the she-has-surgery-tomorrow-pity-face.

It's one foot in front of the other for a week and a half.  I wish I could fast forward.  No...I wish I could rewind.  No...I wish I could pause.  No...I wish I could....never mind.

A bestie sent this to me today, and it made me smile, because it's true.  Part of the time.
Sorry for the F Bomb, Mom.  Maybe you shouldn't link to this one.  I am supposed to read an 8 page document about possible side-effects/difficulties.  I couldn't make it through.  I made Kevin finish my homework.  He has to do what I say.  I have cancer.

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Amy said...

honestly, I don't know why they expect you to read a book before any kind of procedures. Most peoples' brains are so scattered, they're lucky they can write their own name...