Thursday, April 26, 2012

Appointment Tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon is the follow-up with the plastic surgeon.  One drain will come out, the satan drain will not.  There is still just too much drainage.  It's depressing, but not surprising.  It'll probably be the middle of next week and she'll tell me to come back in, and then I'll need to get Dad to take me all the way to Leawood, KS.  Sheesh.  I'm trying not to be depressed by it, but I'm failing a bit right now.

The other things I'm experiencing are normal, I'm quite sure, but I'll ask anyway.  The outside of my left arm and my armpit feels like they have a bad sunburn.  I'm sure it's because of nerves that were cut and damaged during surgery, but I'll ask.

I also want to drive.  I know I can't drive with drains in, but as soon as they're out, I want to drive.  I'll stop pain pills cold turkey if I have to.  I can't be this dependent.  It's making me crazy.  I guess I'm just in a fowl mood about satan drain.  I'll get over it.  The timing will work out for a meal out before the appointment.  That should help, right?


Donna said...

Eating out makes anything better. And Cliff will be happy to take you to your next appointment. There's so little we can do to make things easier for you that it tickles us to death if we are able to help.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Eating out is a great idea. The best bakery in my town just happens to be next door to the cancer center, so whenever I had an appointment I took myself over there for a treat after. Sometimes it's the little things ~

Hollie said...

Eating out is always good! You will be back at that wheel driving before you know!

Shell said...

That burn you're feeling is definitely nerves trying to regenerate. After my c-section, I had a 2 square inch area on my tummy that had NO feeling for about 2 years. It was like touching someone else's hand. That was creepy.

And I fully endorse the going out for a bite thing. Think of it as a daddy-daughter day! After you are patched up, you can take him somewhere for lunch.

Seriously, let your friends and loved ones help where they can. You just need to focus on getting better.

nerves05 said...

Good food helps the soul.. So i'm sure being out and about and eating will help your mood and one drain out is better than not getting any out right.. I'm sure the other will be right behind it.
You are doing so good.. Hang in there.. as always still sending prayers and good thoughts & wishes your way.