Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wonderland - Bah!

The roads are finally mostly clear.  Of course, I had to start taking an alternate route to work, since the George Brett Bridge is being redone.  This really messes with my mojo.  I guess I should have spent part of the last 7 1/2 years checking out alternate routes, but I didn't.  For you local folks, 50 (350) hwy is the logical route to take, but there is ALWAYS a wreck and a backup that way, so no thank you.

But I got here, and the new route won't be too bad.  I think our temps will actually make it up to 30 by Saturday, so if the sun shines, the roads will finish clearing off.  I know that everyone is sick of hearing about weather, but it is SO miserably cold.  Wind chills around -20º this morning.  That is just stupid cold.

I hate cold.  I'd rather be sweating in the middle of August than cold in January.  I get cold and can NOT get warm again.  I love my electric blanket, but I don't think it would be wise to bring it to work.  It would be nice, but customers may look at me funny, trailing my power cord around with me everywhere I go.  Makes me giggle to picture it.

Anyway, if it has to be miserably cold, at least it's pretty.  The snow makes everything look so clean.  It's bright and cheery.  When it melts, everything will be brown and dead looking again.  I wouldn't mind if the snow stayed on the ground for a while.

I had a laugh out loud moment on the way home, yesterday.  I got in the car and headed out, snaking my way through Raytown, looking for my new route.  My windshield was filthy, so I hit the sprayer.  The spray came out and arched over the hood ahead of me!  What the heck?  I pulled over into a parking lot and saw that there was ice over the nozzle, deflecting the spray in the wrong direction.  I hit the ice patch and removed it and all was well.  Still, the moment that it happened, my jaw dropped and then I started laughing.

OK, that's my check in.  My commute is almost down to a normal time now.  No more 2 hour drives.  Oh, and a word to the wise:  If you are going to be stuck in your car for 2 hours in traffic on bad roads, do NOT drink a huge mug of coffee followed by a Diet Coke.  Bad.Plan.

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Toon said...

I'm so OVER this Winter shit. I want April here now!!