Thursday, January 13, 2011

Technology Today

I am amazed.  I don't have a huge house, but my wireless router is at the other end of it.  I am at THIS end of it.  I can go into my room, shut the door, crawl under my electric blanket, and surf the internet.  It amazes me.

The door is shut.  There are two walls and a bunch of people between me and the router.  There is furniture, TV and sound system signals, cell phone calls going on...all between me and the router.  Yet, I can surf the internet, annoy people with my games (You DO know how to hide the games, right?) and check on my friends and family.

Don't laugh too hard that it amazes me.  I still don't understand how an old-style, wired telephone works.  I talk into this end, and someone across the country (or in another country) can hear me in real time, and I can hear them, too.  I don't get it.

I can plug a tiny little ear piece into my ear and place my phone above the sun visor of the car, and talk to my friend Brooke all the way home from work.  I don't have to take my eyes off the road.  I don't have to worry about holding the phone to my ear.  I just talk, and she answers.  It's so cool.

I have a dish shaped thing on my roof.  It points SSW, and it fills my house with TV, movies, music, and almost any entertainment I could ask for.  How does something THAT far away in space offer me an escape after a long day's work?  I don't get it.

For that matter, how do I put my debit card (just a rectangle piece of plastic) into a gas pump and have the gas pump tell me that there is, indeed, enough money in my account to put gas into my car.  I don't have to go inside and talk to anyone, or freeze and slide on the slushy, post-freeze parking lot to offer some form of payment.  I insert my debit card, pump some fuel into my tank, and get on my way.

Do NOT get me started on instant messaging!

I am amazed and thankful.  Shout Out to all of my out-of-state friends.  I haven't paid long-distance charges for a phone call in YEARS!  The cell phone minutes, instant messaging, email, message boards, and facebook as taken care of THAT.

I'm happy.  Amazed and happy.


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Toon said...

Even phone companies don't charge for long distance anymore. They know when they're beat.

Lindie said...

Have to agree with you! When I tell my granddaughter, age 9, that I remember that less than 40 years ago I was on a 4 party phone line and I also remember talking to operators she thinks I must be 200 years old! I tell her I remember my first tv and even seeing a color tv for the first time, she can't believe it. Today's generation takes so much for granted! I am just happy I can figure out how to use the internet!