Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weird Saturday Evening

We left around noon yesterday to do some errands.  I dropped the girls off at the mall and met Kevin (he worked a few hours) at WalMart.  We got what we needed there, and then he went to Oak Grove and I went to Aldi for groceries.  Kevin beat us home, and as I pulled into the drive, he came out onto the side porch and announced that we had no water.

I posted to Facebook, wondering why, and sure enough, I got an answer.  Works every time.  Turns out there had been a water main break in town, and they turned off the water to fix it.  *sigh*  Mom lives 2 miles away and has a well, so we have access to water, but we thought we'd wait it out and bring some snow in to melt.  Things like that become an adventure around here.

I walked away from the kitchen, leaving Tim alone with a cooler full of snow.  When I came back, I found this:

I laughed and took a picture, and then walked toward the bathroom to find out what I was hearing:

It was Natalie, using the hair dryer to melt snow.

When I started wondering what was taking the snow on the stove so long to melt, I got my answer:

Yup, Tim was watching the pot!  It'll never boil, now!

So now our water is back on, but we're under a boil order until further notice.  I guess they do that when the lines have been drained.  I thought we'd go to mom's this morning and get some water, instead of boiling, until I looked out the door at my car.

Another 2 1/2" on top of my car?  How long 'til spring?

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Anonymous said...

I have a thing about preparedness. The Red Cross and other organizations that help people suggest that we should all have 3 days worth of food and supplies, including water. That is one gallon of water per person, per day. There are other groups that suggest 2 weeks worth of water. Have you ever seen the people in line during hurricanes, etc. for water?