Saturday, November 13, 2010

Working on a Saturday

I have to work until 2 today, and there isn't much going on. I've had a chance to catch up on a lot of work that is hard to accomplish when things are crazy. This will help me come in on Monday to a clean slate.

Kevin and Monica headed South to attend his Grandma's birthday party. That leaves me, Natalie, Brett, Tim and Kameron here. The rest of the crew will meet me after work and we'll run some errands. I need to hit Sam's club for some animal crackers and cocoa almonds.

It's turned quite cold, and I plan to spend the rest of my weekend in the house. Chiefs play at the same time as the race, so I'll be channel flipping tomorrow afternoon. I also have a ton of shows on DVR from working 13 hour days this past week. That is what I'll occupy myself with tonight.

Yes, I love weekends. Even if I have to work a few hours, I love the laid back feeling of no schedule. I hope yours is awesome, too!


Anonymous said...

I love that: It is Monday & I have a clean slate feeling as well.

Sonya said...

Nothing like having some home time after a hard week of work. Hope your Sunday is SWEET!