Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stupid Virus

There is a reason I love Mac. Kevin's PC has a virus that I'm fighting. We thought we made headway Sunday evening, but upon restart, no ground had been gained. We took last night off to celebrate Monica's birthday, so I'm back at it tonight.

I'm stubborn. I'll get it. I just get SO mad about it. I don't understand the mind set of the people who release these things. It's like keying someone's car, TPing a house, or stealing a TV. It's exactly as bad. I don't get vandalism, and I never have.

I work with some pretty smart folks, so each time it doesn't work, I'll have new info to report and new questions to ask. I'll get it, and I refuse to let it cost me a dime. If I pay to have it remove, I feel like the keying, TPing, stealing criminals win. I WILL win this one. Hide and watch, baby. Hide and watch.

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