Sunday, November 21, 2010

With Some Productivity Mixed In

I *did* get that nap. I *am* watching the race and the Chiefs game. I *have* logged some "sittin' on my butt" time. However, I got some productivity mixed in. I just couldn't let a day this nice go by while I sat inside.

We got rid of the objects that were probably Jack-O-Lanterns a few weeks ago. I'm embarrassed to admit they were still on the front porch, but they were. Yuck. Kevin did that deed for me. Then he hosed off the porch and unhooked the hose to prepare for the cold.

We cleaned the leaves out of the window wells, picked up the yard, stored some outside furniture and just generally cleaned up out there. It looks much better. Since I had momentum, I also cleaned off the back porch. Now I won't feel guilty about sitting some more.

Now we'll work for three days, have a day off (no plans Thursday) and I'll work again Friday. Saturday, we're celebrating Thanksgiving at Mom's. I'll make the green rice, and Kevin will make the sweet potato casserole. We'll eat too much and be miserable for a while. Ahh, the holidays.

OK, I've updated my blog twice in one day. Weird. Back to your regularly scheduled Sunday.


Toon said...

Dude -- somebody needs to tell you how weekends work. You're supposed to slack!

Anonymous said...

Momentum? It sounds more like slavery. Relax. :-)