Friday, November 19, 2010

27 Things.

  1. Brett brought Kami to see me at work today. Brett, Tim, Kami and I ate lunch together.
  2. Everyone at work thought she was beautiful. They're right.
  3. The sky was amazing this morning AND this evening.
  4. The moon is amazing tonight, too.
  5. Mr. Goodcents makes a wonderful sandwich.
  6. Traffic was terrible tonight.
  7. Propane is expensive.
  8. My car is wonderful. I dearly love it.
  9. My stereo is equally awesome.
  10. Listen to Clay Walker's "Where Do I Go From You." Loud.
  11. Having your 23 month old Granddaughter call you "homie" is more than awesome.
  12. This house is loud.
  13. I hate mornings.
  14. I love Friday evenings.
  15. Friends are incredibly important.
  16. I'm tired.
  17. I'd like to have 12" of snow on the ground with a temperature of 70.
  18. I don't do cold.
  19. I need a haircut.
  20. I can't see past my bangs.
  21. I love my bed. It's warm and comfy and protected from nonsense.
  22. My Daddy is healthy now. I cried when I found out he was fine.
  23. I love new country music. Loud.
  24. I like candles that smell like food. Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Apple Pie, etc.
  25. I hate candles that smell flowery. They make my nose hurt.
  26. My house is littered with toys, and it's fine with me.
  27. I'm watching Super Nanny. Those kids are brats, and the parents are morons.


Sonya said...

Thanks for sharing your 27 things.

Anonymous said...

Homie. Haaaa. Adorable.
And about your Dad...that makes all the rest a little more sweet.