Thursday, September 29, 2011

What a Mess!

Radar likes to go after moles.  He catches them, too.  This results in a yard full of holes.  I asked Kevin to go to Dad's and get a load of dirt.  My plan was to have dad dump the bucket load of dirt onto a tarp in Kevin's truck, and then I could easily transfer it into the little cart that pulls behind the lawn tractor.  Brilliant!

I got home on Tuesday and his truck was backed into the drive with a load of dirt on a tarp.  Perfect.  Monica's truck was gone, however.  I came in the house and asked Natalie if they'd gone driving and she said that they were at Grandpa's house.  OK, I'll get started on my own.

I opened the shed to push the lawn tractor out and it had a flat tire.  CRAP!  I checked the air tank.  Empty.  *sigh*  Calling Kevin's phone number resulted in Monica answering.  I asked her to have him bring Grandpa's air tank home, and she said they were working on her truck.  It had been making a noise.  Fine.  I'll go out there and fill OUR tank.

Kevin and Dad were working on the back wheel of her truck when I got there.  The emergency brake had an issue...or something.  I should really listen better.  Anyway, after coming home and airing up the tire and pushing the mower out of the shed, I found out it wouldn't start.  WHAT?  I'm not an idiot.  I know how to start the tractor.  It just had no plans to start.

About that time, Kevin and Monica got home, and he tried.  It wouldn't start for him either, so after ALL of that, we were stuck using a wheelbarrow!  Kevin pushed the load around the yard and I filled the holes.  We got done after dark.  Next time, I'm doing this on the weekend and starting in the morning!

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Sonya said...

Sounds like one of my projects. LOL I couldn't even finish vacuuming today as the vacuum won't work now. Great. Now I'm stuck with the old one that I hate. lol

Hope you all are having a great weekend!