Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dang Dog

Monica spent the night at a friend's house, so Susie slept in our room last night, and Radar slept in Natalie's room.  Susie decided that, since she can't read a calendar, we should awake at 5:30.  She's little, so she has to get creative to wake us up.  She jumps on the bed, off the bed, on the bed, off the bed, etc until one of us says, "Dangit Susie!"

I let her out to potty and then decided I was awake to stay.  Dang dog.  However, it's nice to sit and sip coffee, enjoying the quiet of the morning.  It's my weekend to work, so I remotely logged in to my work computer and got some stuff done, came back in to watch some music videos and drink more coffee and surf the 'net.

I want to get some yard work done today, so I went ahead and cut down the hibiscus this morning.  That was one of the main things I wanted to do, and it was done by 7.  Yes, maybe Susie helped me after all!  With a Chiefs game, a NASCAR race at our home track, and more yard work to do, I think it's good we got an early start.

Thanks, dang dog.

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Sonya said...

HI there! Seems I'm up early all my weekend mornings. Every now and then I get to sleep to 7:00. Cats wake us up wanting to eat! Neat that you can remotely log in. I can on email and ADP (HR system) but other than that have to bring laptop home.

Have a great week!