Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Awesome Kameron Stories

OK, I've been super busy with work.  So SUE me!  Anyway, I have a story from last weekend, and one from this weekend, that just CRACK me up:

Story One:
Jon came up last weekend to go to a concert, and he took Monica and Natalie with him.  He has to get rid of his dog because he's working full time AND going to college and she's not getting enough attention.  I couldn't stand the thought, since he'll want her back in a year or two, so we said we'd take her.  She cute, fun, housebroken, and fine.

He got here, picked the girls up from school, put Susie (the dog) in her kennel and left her here, all while I was at work.  He was to meet Kevin in Blue Springs so Kevin could give the girls some spending money.  After meeting, Jon got less than a block, and his wheel locked up.  He called Kevin.  Kevin went back, gave them his truck to go to the concert and called me.

I picked Kevin up after work, we picked up Kami, and came home.  Kevin left again to go get the broken car.  (Shout out to Friend 1 with the trailer and Friend 2 with a truck) and Kami and I came inside.  We let Susie out to see how she'd do.  She didn't know us, and didn't know where her person (Jon) was.  I decided to take her out to potty, and Kami came along.  Susie went potty and came back in with us.

I was on the phone, talking to Grammy (Kevin's mom) when I heard the door open and close.  I peeked around the corner to see Kami going onto the front porch.  I opened the door, told her she needed to come inside, and kept talking to Grammy.  After a minute or 2, I hung up the phone.  Kami said, "Hey gramma?  Let's find Susie!"  She said it in a sing-song voice like we were going to play a great game.

I said, "Find her?  Ummm, where IS she?"  Kami answered, "Outside!"  CRAP!  OH NO!  I ran to the front door, opened it, and peered outside.  Susie was over in the driveway sniffing around.  I said, "Susie?" with a question in my tone, because I didn't know what she'd do.  She came right to me and came inside.  Crisis averted.  LOL

Story Two:

Tonight, Kevin and the girls are at the high school football game.  I decided it was a bit too cool for Kami (and me) and we stayed home.  She settled in for a bit of Sponge Bob.  Something was said on the show (I have NO idea what it was) and I thought I heard her say "That's what your momma says."  We do "Your Mom" jokes at work all the time, so I thought it was funny, but wasn't sure if that's really what I heard, so I didn't react.

Two minutes later, I said something to the dog.  Kami said, "That's what your momma says."  I laughed, and then regained my composure.  I asked her, seriously, "Who taught you that?  Who says 'that's what you're momma says?'"  She looked me straight in the eye and said, "Your momma."

Holy Hannah.  I haven't laughed that hard long in a LONG time.  After this week, I needed that.  Sheesh, I love this kid.

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Lindie said...

I have 9 grandkids and the little ones are the funniest. But for 4 years I just had Bethany and I still remember so many things she said. She's 25 now and still perfect.;)