Friday, September 2, 2011

Staying Cool

We still don't allow Radar the run of the house at night.  He never has accidents, but I'm afraid he'd chew on cords or something.  That means, he sleeps on the floor of our room, until 3 in the morning or so, when he asks to go outside.

It's been around 100 degrees lately, which is miserable, in case you didn't know.  When Kevin goes to bed, he has to position the fan so it hits him.  It's a round fan that sits on the floor, but you can swivel it up.  It's like this:

Sometimes, Kevin will wake up and realize that he can hear the fan, but not feel it.  That is when Radar has tilted the fan down toward him.  We always get a laugh out of that.  Wednesday night, he did a new one that still has me laughing.

Kevin woke up and could hear the fan, but not feel it.  He grabbed his cell phone and hit a button to create some light.  Sure enough, the fan was pointing down at Radar.  The difference was Radar's position.  He was lying on his back, his head under the bed, back legs spread eagle, with the fan blowing right across his junk!

I guess that's ONE way to stay cool.

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Donna said...

When Mandy used to lay like that, the twins (little at the time) called it "doggy porn".