Wednesday, September 7, 2011


If every day is going to be like yesterday, I'm glad it's a short week.  Wow.  Tuesday jumped out of the alley at me with a billy club and beat the crap out of me.  Rude.  I hope Wednesday is more kind.

I came home last night and announced that I'd like to spend the evening in the Mom Cave.  That's my room, after I take in my computer, snacks and a drink.  Usually, my cave time is alone, and I go to sleep super early.  Last night, though, the girls wanted to hang out, so I let them.  I got to veg out, anyway.

This weekend will be crazy.  Jon and his girlfriend are coming up to take my girls to a concert on Friday night.  They'll be here tomorrow night through Saturday morning.  Brian and Heather are talking about coming up for the Renaissance Festival.  Not sure if they'd come up Friday night or Saturday morning, but we'll have a lot of people running around.

We may as well add Kami to the mix!  I guess I'll give her mom a call.  

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Donna said...

Kami provides cheap entertainment for everybody.