Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm a Criminal

I stopped at QT after work for fuel.  I don't like to go over 300 miles on a tank, and I was at 340.  I put in my Pump Start card (it's a card that you use at QT so you don't have to prepay.)  The pump said, "See attendant."  OK.  I go inside and he swipes the card and says, "This card has been deactivated."  Weird.  I paid with a different method and pumped my gas.

They had given me the printout of the deactivation message, and there was an 800 number on it, so I called.  The lady asked if I remembered getting $24 worth of fuel at QT last Thursday.  I said, "Yeah.  Was it the Oak Grove location?"  It was.  Oh NO!  I got other stuff that day!  What if I forgot to tell them about the fuel, paid for the other stuff, and drove away?  I'm a delinquent!

I called Kevin and asked him to check the bank account online.  He found where I had written a check to QT that day for an amount that sounds like plenty to have paid for $24 worth of gas.  Cool.  I stopped by the bank and asked for a printout, and then went to the Oak Grove QT.  I explained the situation and he started looking into it.

After a few questions were asked, he was able to pull up the transaction and get a copy of the itemized receipt.  I didn't remember that last Thursday was the day that I bought breakfast, lunch, snacks for my snack stash at work, and a few other things.  What wasn't on that receipt?  The FUEL!  How embarrassing!  I told him that I felt like such a rebel.

He said, "A rebel doesn't usually come back to pay for their gas."  LOL  I paid for it and he said that my pump start card will be reactivated by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon.  What an airhead!  I'm just glad that I didn't go in there with attitude and accuse them of doing something wrong.  Thanks to my buddy Brooke for warning me, "May want to check the attitude" when I was complaining to her about it, on the way to take care of it.


Donna said...

But you forgot to cry!

Jon said...

Life is far too complicated nowadays. I'm glad you got the issue resolved. I'd hate to see a wanted poster of you on the post office wall.....

Cindi said...

a honest, confessing, criminal at that too! lol