Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting there

I've been making the climb. I was blown away by the comments, both here and on facebook, offering kind words, prayers, and support. I even got a couple of phone calls, checking on me. I've got a lot of awesome people around me, and for that I am thankful.

I am loving the 3-day weekend. I think we should always do this. 4-10 hour days would be the most awesome shift ever. Even though it's raining today, it's nice to relax. Q104 is going to be in Odessa later, so we'll run over and get some Ya'llapalooza tickets. I'm so excited! It's only a couple of weeks away. Pat Green is headlining this year.

I think I'll go rearrange my bedroom now. I don't plan on doing much constructive this weekend, but I'll accomplish a bit here and there. I hope I didn't sleep so late that it affects my afternoon nap. LOL


Hollie said...

Hang in there! I just took my afternoon nap! Gotta love them!

Amy said...

Yay, naps! They should be a daily requirement.

Lindie said...

I didn't start afternoon naps until I was in my 50s! You are advanced!

Traci said...

Enjoy the rest this weekend.