Friday, July 10, 2009

The short version

The short version is this: Natalie wanted to have a driveway fire. I was OK with that, but we had no firewood. With this morning's storm, I knew we'd have neighbor limbs in our yard. She gathered them, all was good.

I added some cardboard from Coke boxes and such, and knew the limbs wouldn't burn well. Too green. So...I dumped some gas on the pile. Maybe I should have waited a bit. I didn't. I lit it and it blew. Yeah, burned hair off my head, hair off my arm, and my hand hurt.

I went in to shower, because my hair smelled bad. OK, my hair still smells bad but it's better. My left hand has 7th degree burns (or maybe it just hurts, who knows) but all else is good. Oh, and when the gas burned out, so did the fire. It was a bust.

Ouch. Stupid ass.


Donna said...

Good grief, I thought everybody knew not to use gasoline to ignite a fire!

Sonya said...

oh no....I'm so glad you are ok. Aside from hair and hand...could have been much worse.

Amy said...

woman, you are going to give me a stroke! Do you still have your eyebrows?!

Time to dip into Kevin's pain meds?

Heather said...

well, did she at least get to roast a weenie or marshmellow?

Please don't do that again. Get better soon!