Monday, July 13, 2009

Ya'llapalooza Plans

It's getting closer! Ya'llapalooza is this Saturday! I cannot wait. Most of you know that I attend every year, and it is SUCH a good time. It is a festival of country music that will start at 3:00 and go until midnight or so. It's an all ages show, so the girls can join me, and this year will be even bigger.

I went to several "ticket hits" from the best radio station in the world (Q104) and they are so generous with the tickets. I was able to gift a couple of tickets to coworkers that could not afford to attend. I can take Brett and both girls, and we could not otherwise afford to attend. Now, Kevin's BFF and his wife and a kid are coming up (150 miles) to attend. You have no idea how stoked I am about this. This is something that I could NOT afford, otherwise.

Sure, we can't afford to get T-shirts or hats or anything, but they allow coolers with water bottles, and there is plenty to see and do. It will be so much fun. We'll see the cool staff from the Q, and say "Hi" and "thanks for the tickets" and they'll talk to us like we're not one of the thousand folks who stop by...even though we are.

Kevin doesn't go. Kevin doesn't care much for country, and he's not good in crowds, so he'll stay home. That's what's great about being married for this long: There are things that are important to him that do not interest me, and things that are important to me that don't interest him. We're both OK with that. Why guilt someone into doing something that they don't like?

I will take 4 gazillion pictures, and try to edit them down to the good ones. You'll probably see 6 pictures. LOL

Wow, this is fun to think about. 5 more days!


Donna said...

I might be persuaded to buy four T-shirts: one for you and each girl, and one for me.

Even though Monica doesn't seem to recall who bought her Green Day CD.

Traci said...

Have a ball!

Rachel said...

OK, Mom, Monica isn't going to Ya'lla, now. She wants Natalie to have that day, since she has Green Day. She's working to let N see it as fair. My kids rock.

Pamela said...

I hope you have a GREAT time!

David said...

No radio station that has "New Country" on the masthead of their web page could possibly be the best in the world. Not even in the top 100. They should have gasoline poured on them and... oh, wait...

Kevin might actually like Country Music if they played any.

Y'all have fun, though. :D