Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday nonsense.

Sorry, Mom. I never answered your question. I got to watch the end of the race at the party, so you can delete it from your dvr. I'm sure you already have. Just in case, though...

Kevin is getting nowhere with his injury. He's in this holding pattern...wait and see what we'll do while you wait and see. *sigh* His check (much less than he makes while working) is supposed to be issued on Friday, and he usually receives it on Tuesday. As of Tuesday, he had nothing. He called and was told, "sorry, that was my oversight. *insert her giggle here*"

This morning, the check should have been here. It was not. I'm not pulling punches, here, we have checks out. The bills demand to be paid. He called, and she explained that they only had a PO box, so they couldn't overnight it. Kevin asked why she didn't call him. She said that the people who send the checks had trouble getting ahold of her. Kevin said (I kid you not), "Seriously? Someone couldn't reach you? NEITHER CAN I! DO YOU SEE WHO THE PROBLEM IS?"

Anywho, his check should be here tomorrow...and I get paid tomorrow. However, it's spent. I have decided that I may need to get a part time job, evenings and weekends. I don't want to, but I want to keep my house. Kevin's stuck in a bureaucratic, red-tape nightmare, and I am doing all I can. We'll see what happens.

If I get another job, I'll need ya'll to tend my farm on facebook, OK? LOL I'm keeping a good attitude. I really am. It'll be good. There is no debtor's prison, and we've rented before. Nobody will die because of this crap. Nobody has ever died of embarrassment, right? Nah. It's all good.

And, to top it off, Big Brother started tonight. Oh yeah! That's some sweet white-trash viewing, there.


Lindie said...

No one at work believes I watch BB but I have watched it every year. It's my equivalent of a trashy beach read! Can't go to the beach so I watch BB!

Amy said...

All the BS Kevin has to go through infuriates me. Sure, I have pain all the time, but at least I don't have to deal with job crap, too. Ugh...

It'll all work out, m'love. :)