Thursday, July 16, 2009


The plans are growing for my annual Ya'llapalooza weekend! Brian, Heather, and 3 of their gang will arrive tomorrow evening. We'll BBQ and BS and have a ball catching up. Saturday, big breakfast and big lunch to get everyone full before the concert. Food is very pricey there.

We'll leave around 2 and not get home until after midnight. I will take 4 gazillion pictures, and update via facebook every chance I get...until you're all sick of it. (and me) Can you tell I don't get out much? This is such a big thing for me each year. SO. HUGE.

Kevin had his teeth yanked today. They wound up taking 3. He is OK, but not happy with the gauze in his mouth. He can remove it around 8. He wanted to take it out early, but I've heard horror stories about dry socket, so I wouldn't let him.

OK, I'm getting harassing voice mail from Brian, now. I guess he's trying to make plans for the weekend, and here I am blogging.


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