Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Juggling time schedules-a logistical nightmare

Today, the girls had a swimming party to get to at 6. I usually get home at 6. It's our night to get Kameron. No problem: I'll just pick up Kami and let Kevin take the girls to the pool, right?
Maybe not.

Kevin has oral surgery tomorrow, and his X-rays needed picked up at the dentist's office. OK, I can do that. WAIT! I have to pick up Kameron and get there before...what? I'm confused. Kevin can pick up Kami, but then he can't get her and both girls in the truck to go to the pool.

New plan: I pick up the X-rays, Kevin picks up Kami. Kami goes to my mom's for 20 minutes or so until I can get there. Kevin takes the girls to the pool. Beautiful. (thanks, Mom!)

Tomorrow, Kevin has to have some teeth yanked. He could drive there, and have me pick him up, but then his truck sits in Lees Summit until we can get back up there to get it. No go. I can come home, get him, take him to the oral surgeon, wait for him to get done, and bring him home. Coolio. The problem is that I have to leave work at 1:30 get him to a 3:30 appointment. Sheesh. I guess we live a bit out-of-the-way.

It's all set, and it will work out, but DANG! Sometimes the logistics become a nightmare. Anyone wanna tote a cute baby home tomorrow morning? Anybody want to tote a dude to an oral surgeon's office? Anyone wanna tote me to the looney bin?


Daviid said...

"Anyone wanna tote me to the looney bin?"

I thought you were the
Adminisrtator of said place?

Donna said...

I live at the looney bin; do you REALLY want to be toted here?