Monday, May 7, 2012

I Suppose I Should Just Sit Here

I think I overdid things on Saturday, so I spent Sunday recuperating.  I was exhausted, sore, and even had a pretty big chip on my shoulder by the end of the day (I know!  Shocking!)  I was slowly but steadily recovering, and the setback just ticked me right off.

I got up this morning after sleeping a bit longer than usual, and still wasn't great.  What the heck?  Fine, I'll take another easy day.  Mom even offered to take me with them to McD's for breakfast (not that I eat breakfast, especially theirs, but she knows I look for chances to get out of the house.)  I turned her down.

I tried to take my daily nap, but after 4 interruptions, I gave up on that pipe dream.  Maybe tomorrow I'll pull my head out and silence my phone and put a DND sign on the door, huh?  I got up and fixed one of the meals provided by my wonderful coworkers (which was easy and amazingly delicious) and then asked Kevin to take me to the store.  I was relatively sure I felt well enough to go.

Wrong.  I did well 3/4 of the way through the trip, and then started fading fast.  I almost felt feverish.  I'm on antibiotic, so I'm sure I'm not, but I was just "off."  Got settled in for the night and decided that I shall not move for at least 2 days.   I'll read, I'll surf, I'll sleep, and I'll twiddle my thumbs, but I'm going to quit jeopardizing my recovery, which is what I was inadvertently doing.

Oh, and I had also planned to be back to work by now, at least part time.  Yeah right.  Satan drain Jaxson is still putting out over 100cc per day.  It's still gotta get under 30.  I can't drive, I can't work, I can even make it to the damn store with a chauffeur without issues.

If you need me, check this recliner.  I'll be here.  Likely pouting.


Shell said...

I'm sorry if I woke you.

Rachel said...

Nah. Your call didn't wake me. That's why I had to call you back! LOL

Lindie said...

You're right. You need to rest before you do jeopardize your health. Don't worry about returning to work yet, you obviously are still recuperating and couldn't even make half days yet. And half days are just a drain on both you and your finances. Gas costs and all.