Monday, May 14, 2012

And Here is Another Week

Wow.  Another Monday is here already.  I slept a LOT yesterday.  Recent surgery or not, I slept so much I felt guilty!  I would wake up for an hour or so, think I was done napping, and then BAM, back to sleep for another couple of hours.  I didn't feel as bad as I did on Saturday, but I sure was tired.  The day ended with a visit from coworkers bearing meals.  Yum is an understatement.

This morning, I decided to rest as needed, but NOT sleep the day away.  We'll see how THAT goes.  LOL  Heck, it takes an hour to shower and get dressed, 20 minutes to go to the post office and back, and then it's time for this important internet-type stuff.  :)  By then, the day is half over, so I think I have a solid plan to prevent non-stop sleep.

I've got Jaxson down to double digits, but we still have a way to go  before I can get rid of him.  Yesterday was 53cc.  The day before that was 87, so I'm hoping yesterday wasn't a fluke (because that's a huge drop.)  It has to be under 30cc for two days straight before they can remove it.  I am SO flippin' tired of dealing with it.  Tired to the point that I tear up as I'm trying to shower or get dressed or change clothes.  Of all the things that are horrible about cancer, who would have thought a stupid drain could cause this much grief?

I guess I'll go email my nurse the Jaxson status and see what she says.  Fingers crossed...


Shell said...

Sleep all you need/want. Sleep helps the body heal. Go on, we'll still be here when you wake up. :)

Forty Pound Sack said...

Come on, Jaxson, give it up already! Retirement is great, buddy! Give it a try ~