Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Losing a Drain

Yesterday was my appointment with the surgeon that did the mastectomy.  I actually told him that I've been calling him the "demo doctor."  He thought it was pretty funny.  I don't have to see him again for 6 months.  People poured into the room while I was there, too.  He was joined by his nurse practitioner, another nurse, a lady who remembered me from my biopsy and wanted to come say "hi" etc etc.  It was crowded in there, but I'm important like that.

My plastic surgeon's nurse had told me that, if I came upon someone who would/could remove drain one any time after Monday, I could ask.  Otherwise, I could go have her do it.  She's all the way over in Leawood, KS, so I asked yesterday.  They pulled it!  It was the one not causing any issues, but it's still kinda nice to only have to deal with one.

I slept in my bed last night, and it was very comfortable, but I paid for it this morning.  I guess I am destined to sleep in the recliner for a while longer.  Oh well.  I'm having a teary kind of day, so I ran to Lexington with Mom and Dad to see how much money I could blow at Dollar General.  $47, if you wondered.  Kevin's Monster drinks are cheaper there, so a lot of that was for those.

It was an early-out for the girls, so Natalie is here to keep me company now, and Monica will be home from softball practice when it's time for Natalie to go to track practice, so I should have someone with me the rest of the afternoon.  Uncle Phil and Aunt Faye are stopping by this afternoon, too, so I will have company all afternoon for sure!

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nerves05 said...

Girl you are doing so well.
I know some days are tough. But hang in there Keep your chin up.
You are a hell of a strong person.
And that is going to take you far.
If you feel like crying.. Cry.. you will feel so much better afterwards and you will release all that stress and Anxiety your having.

You have lots of folks pulling and praying and sending good thoughts your way. Your not on this walk alone... We are right there saying.. GO RACHEL>>> GO RACHEL>> GO.. GO.. GO RACHEL>>
You own little private cheering section.. Cause you are important like that you know :-)