Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Well, another typical Fierro NYE here.  We are watching Kameron so her mom and dad can go out.  Kevin worked today, so he's turning in now.  Kami's been in bed for about 30 minutes.  I expect the rest of us to make it to midnight.

The only venturing out that I did today was to Kleinschmidt's boots.  Natalie got some awesome kickers for Christmas, but they needed stretched a bit.  She's much happier with them, now.  She loved them anyway, but the right one was really tight through the ball of her foot.

My tiny little nothing of a cold was gone for almost three days, and then bounced back into my chest.  I still feel fine.  I don't feel sick in the least.  I have just spent two days coughing non stop.  It's that annoying tickle thing that won't let you get any rest.  That kept me up all night.  Between a couple of short naps, I think I netted 4 hours sleep.  Could have been worse.

Today was the same.  Cough, cough, cough.  All day.  Finally, a couple of hours ago, it stopped.  I was thrilled.  30 minutes ago, I nearly lost my voice.  Good golly!  What next?  I figure Kevin prayed for me to lose my voice, so he could have some peace.  LOL  Talking low, it's fine, so at least he gets a quiet wife, if not a totally silent one.

Now, those of us remaining are watching prison shows and chillin' out.  At midnight, I'll have a glass of wine and the kids will have some sparkling white grape juice.  It's tradition.  After that, I'll likely go to bed and the younger folk will stay up all night, watching movies or playing games.

Pretty rowdy crowd, huh?  Be very afraid.

Happy New Year!


Donna said...

So now I know who gave me this cough cough cough stuff. Thank you very much. I'm running a 2 degree fever and coughing and hacking.

I told you not to give me anything for Christmas.

Heather said...

I hope you are feeling better.

Happy New Year.

And I hope your mom has warmed up from her 2 degree "fever."