Thursday, December 2, 2010

Busy Season and Christmas Shopping

It's definitely busy season. I'm busy! Long days and they fly by, thanks to all the work. I'm thankful, don't get me wrong. If we weren't busy, I'd be worried. A few more weeks of craziness and then things will calm down a bit.

We also aren't having to work every Saturday like we have in the past. Customer service has been split into groups to cover various Saturdays. This week is my turn (4 hours, not a big deal) and on the 18th, everyone works for the final push to get orders in the hands of customers by Christmas.

Then, January arrives and conventions start. So far, I'm only scheduled for one. That's a first. It's my favorite, though. It is in February. We have a lot of new reps, so it allows everyone to go to fewer trade shows.

I think, this weekend, Kevin and I will have a short, local getaway. I found that I have enough Marriott rewards for one more free night. If so, we'll stay somewhere in Kansas City and maybe do a little Christmas shopping. We won't get much yet, but it'll be nice to have the chance to look around and get ideas.

OK, that was my quick break this morning. Time to get back to work!

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Donna said...

I have 2 coupons, $5 off if you get two entrees. One for Olive Garden and one for Red Lobster. You're welcome to both if you can use them. Even with $5 off, two entrees is more than we need and more money than we want to spend.