Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sunrise and Power Lines

I'm off work for a couple days, and am already enjoying it to the fullest.  It is really warm out this morning, so I stepped outside with my coffee and saw a beautiful red sunrise.  I love pictures of sunrise and sunset.  Love them.  Usually, I'm driving when I see them, so I find the perfect spot to pull over and get a picture of it.

When I'm home, though, it's another story.  I can see that it's beautiful and enjoy it from the side porch, but if the camera comes out, I realize how obstructed the view is.  Power lines and such criss-crossing the sky.  See?

I wasn't about to let that bother me, though!  I just walked under the lines, down the street a bit.  When I was clear of the power lines, I realized that the best shot would require me to be in a back yard that does NOT belong to me.  I didn't think it best to trespass at 7 in the morning, so I walked a bit farther.

By the time I was about a block from home, I found my spot.  I could enjoy the sunrise without disturbing any neighbors.

Ahh.  Much better.  Feeling satisfied, I walked back to my own yard and heard some very loud geese flying South.  Isn't it a bit late for that?  Oh well.

Big plans today.  If all goes well, Tim will have is car tagged and ready to roll.  It's not easy task to tag a car in Missouri.  Especially on the 30th.  Wish us luck!


Sherry said...

Soooo pretty, God's morning glory is so awesome.........Sherry Thanks for taking that walk and word verification is washed as in washed in the beauty of the Lord

Donna said...

I noticed the sunrise too. Some geese don't bother to migrate these days.

Toon said...

You get up at sunrise on your day OFF??! You're doing it wrong.