Monday, December 27, 2010

Slow Work and New Cars

Work is SLOW!  I had to hunt for things to do today.  I saw that I have 88 hours of vacation for the year, meaning I shorted myself last year, so I'm taking Thursday off.  Can I get a shout out for 4-day weekends? LOL

I left a bit early today to come home and go on a mission.  I found a cute car on Craigslist for Tim, and he and Kevin checked it out a couple of times.  Kevin offered less and the guy agreed.  The problem was getting there and getting the car home.  Because we were slow, I was able to cut out early, and tonight was the night.

I got home before 5 and grabbed Tim and Kevin and we hit the road.  The first stop was the bank in Buckner for Tim to withdraw the money.  The ATM will only let you take out $800 in a day, so after that much, we had to back up and go to the window.  The car in front of us was doing something VERY involved, and we sat for over 15 minutes.  We were all pretty grumpy by the time it was our turn.

He got the rest of the money and we headed to Independence.  We drove through meth central to get there, but the couple was just as Kevin described them.  A sweet, older couple.  This had been her car.  A gift for their 40th anniversary.  She mentioned that she hadn't wanted to meet the people who bought it, because she was sad about it going.  When we left, though, she said she was glad it was going to such sweet people.

She almost teared up as we walked out the door.  It was cute and a bit sad.  It reminded me of the lady from whom we bought this house.  It was hers, and she couldn't stand to see it go.

So, Tim is now the owner of a cute little red LeBaron convertible.  If things go as planned, he'll have it tagged before Friday.  We'll get it inspected on Thursday and go get the tags.  His mom will get his insurance started tomorrow, faxing proof of insurance to me so Tim has it.  Wanna see?  I borrowed the pic from the Craigslist ad.

I borrowed the pic from the Craigslist ad.  I'll get better ones this week.