Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Kids are Crazy

My girls are constantly doing things to make me laugh. Sure, they do annoying kid things, and leave laundry in their rooms and "forget" to rinse their dishes. That can be made less irritating by the things they do that crack me the heck up.

I was on the phone with Brooke last night. We talked for hours. Kevin was otherwise occupied with TV and Natalie was listening to music on headphones. I figured they wouldn't miss me much.

Well, the conversation went on too long to suit Miss Natalie, so she came out onto the back porch, figured out who I was talking to, and devised a plan. She started singing everything I said, Family Guy style.

This doesn't sound funny? Do it to someone for 8-10 sentences. Oh my Lord. I couldn't carry on the conversation for laughing so hard. She sang EVERYTHING I said. That is a weird thing, folks.

I'm just sayin'.