Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Truck, We have no Money!

So Kevin called me this afternoon. I was on break, and asked what was up. Apparently, the truck wouldn't start.

Let's back up. This has happened several times in the last month or so. It won't start, we wait 10-15 minutes, it starts again, and we're off. It always happens when it's miserably hot outside. We figured that something was getting hot, and when it cooled off, it would start.

When he called today, it had been sitting over 30 minutes, and still wouldn't start. Worse yet, there were groceries in the truck! I informed my supervisor that I had to leave, and made arrangements for someone else to close the front counter. I picked him up, and he moved the gazillion groceries from his truck to my car. Seriously. Dude shopped.

Anyway, neighbor/friend Jimmy came by later, picked Kevin up, and they got it started. Something about the solenoid. I don't listen well. What?

Kevin bought said solenoid and put in on, and it started with no problem. All good, right? OK. I would think so, but neither Jimmy, nor Kevin sound confident that the problem is solved.


The bright side? No car payment. Two cars, no payment. I can roll with that.

Come on, truck. Just be fixed, OK?


Donna said...

Ah yes, the story of my life.

Lisa said...

Awwwww sorry Rachel and I do'nt listen well either, shrug, Hugs Lisa

Toon said...

Solenoid?? That sounds made up. Congrats on the no payment thing tho.