Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lots of Saturday Drivel for the Readers I Didn't Know I Had

Monica had found the perfect computer for her, in her price range. Kevin helped her find it online at Best Buy. $329 seemed like a great price. She begged us to take her last night, and I said, "Ain't no way I'm going shopping tonight. I'm beat! We'll go in the morning." I'm sensitive like that.

We have Kameron for the weekend, and she slept 10 hours, waking around 8 and behing her typically happy and fun self. The girls got up and around and we headed out. The Smokin' Hot Neon is a tight fit in the back seat when Kameron is here, but the girls love her so much, they deal with it.

We got to Best Buy and found the computer. For $349. HUH? Why is it cheaper online? They have floor models hooked to the internet, so we went to their website and sure enough, the price went up $20 overnight. Monica looked at me and said, "I told you we should have come last night." Crap. I hate when she's right.

She bought the computer, and we headed across the street to Famous Footwear. She bought a pair of Vans that she's been wanting. What do you want to bet she wears them to Van's Warped Tour? LOL Her big brother Jonathan is taking her, courtesy of Kevin buying tickets months ago.

After that, we hit WalMart to find a case for her. $30 was the cheapest one that she liked, so she decided she could live without a case for a while, and we'd keep looking around. I remembered that Big Lots had computer cases, so we ran in there. She found a REAL cute one for $10! Score! At the same time, she grabbed some new ear buds.

We hit Pizza Street, where Kami had fallen asleep and I wound up holding her through her whole nap. LOL I forgot what that does to your arms. My baby is 12, after all. Anyway, she's cute enough to make up for it, and my family was kind enough to be food runners for me.

Back home, Monica walked through the setup process on her laptop, played for a while, and saw my mother's facebook post about needing help eating a blackberry pie. Suddenly, she wanted to spend the night at Grandma's. LOL I dropped her off, and picked up Natalie's friend in the next town to spend the night.

Finally, I'm home, relaxing, watching the race, and playing with the baby. Natalie and her friend are in the guest room watching a movie, and I'm embedding NASCAR propaganda in my granddaughter's head. So far, she'll chant "GO GO GO!" at the screen, or with a little prompting, I can get a "99, 99, 99" out of her. It's working, too. Carl's hanging out in the top 10 all night so far.

I hope her mother doesn't mind. BWWAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA


Sonya said...

Good for her getting the laptop! Woo hoo! What a good shopping day. I saw that same post about the blackberry pie and I wanted to go to. I figured it would be gone by the time I got there. lol

Toon said...

Don't hickify babies, Rachel. It's not right.

FrankandMary said...

Oh, her mother will mind :0).

Lisa said...

Mmmmm, I can't stop thinking about that blackberry pie... and that's great news about the new computer!! We bought my laptop there too and I just love it!!
Lisa in Kentucky