Sunday, July 18, 2010

Green Paint, Tenderloins, and Naps

Since we couldn't mow this morning, we stayed inside in the a/c. I know we sound like wimps, but it's so incredibly hot and humid. Mom had invited us over for tenderloin sandwiches, so we headed over there around 12:30. Dad was painting.

Dad doesn't like to waste paint, so any time he's painting a tractor, all metal around the place becomes that color. I can remember, when he was painting the Allis Chalmers, everything on the place turned orange. Tools, fence posts, everything.

Guess what? Now he's working on an Oliver. No more red stool. It, and many other items around the place, are slowing becoming green.
Natalie and I headed inside to visit with mom and avoid the heat, and we decided to watch "Marley and Me." Mom's dog, Iris, has issues with other dogs. This is a problem since she can see things on TV. I've never been around a dog that knows what's going on on the television.

"Marley and Me" is about a dog. The dog is in the movie a lot. This means that Iris spent a lot of time attacking the TV. It was really kind of weird, but funny. Poor TV has dog snot on it, now. Iris almost seemed smug when Marley died, but we won't go there.

Mom had her tenderloin assembly line set up. It was a thing of beauty. There is no way to explain how much I adore these things. They are simply fabulous.

If you've ever had a really, REALLY good one at a restaurant, this are about 3 times better. I'm just sayin'.
Soon after eating, we headed home with a nap on our minds. This house can be made VERY dark if you so desire. Natalie blacked this place OUT for us. Kevin fell asleep in about 3.5 seconds, and I realized I'd rather be in bed than in the recliner. It must have been the right move, since I woke up 3 hours later.

Wow, lazy huh? It was wonderful, and I don't feel guilty. Tomorrow, it's back to work, and I can say that I had a great, relaxing weekend. How was yours?


small farm girl said...

I never could sleep like that during the day. Although, I wished I could sometimes. And on top of that, I wished I could take a nap without feeling guilty. lol

Toon said...

The very definition of a midwestern sunday!

Debbie said...

Your Mom's tenderloin looks delicious. Glad you had a relaxing weekend.