Monday, July 12, 2010

Gas Prices

Last week, I fueled for $2.47 per gallon. I always figure my mileage when I fuel up, just so I know how the Smokin' Hot Neon is doing. A rapid drop in mileage can signal other problems, too. That makes it a good idea to check it, at least occasionally.

(Do you know that I have a friend who doesn't know how to calculate mileage? I thought that was funny, but not in the "making fun of a friend" way. I just found it funny that nobody never taught her! In case there is anyone else like that, know how many miles you've driven since the last fill-up. (the trip meter works great for this.) After filling the tank, take the miles driven divided by the number of gallons that fit in your tank. If you drove 300 miles, and your tank held 10 gallons (300/10) you're getting 30 miles per gallon.)

There. This ends my public service announcement. Back on topic now:

So, I pulled into QT tonight, knowing that my mileage won't be as good as the 38 mpg that I got last time. That had been a record for me and the SHN. We spent all weekend in city conditions with the whole family in my car, though. That car really FEELS a load, and we had it loaded. I was contemplating this as I pulled up to the pumps. I got out, and almost fainted. $2.67 per gallon. WHAT? 20 cents more than last week?

It's a communist plot, I tell you. The evil oil barrons are out to get me! EVIL!

Oh, and I only got 29 mpg.


This week, it's back to me flying solo. Mileage will be good again. This is good news, since I'll probably be paying $5.00 per gallon by Friday.


Donna said...

If it makes you feel any better, I got the bill today from the credit card Cliff charges fuel (for tractors and other vehicles) on. This time there were also charges for a couple of motels. Almost $500.

Yeah. Thank God this is a five-payday month.

small farm girl said...

We have been paying 2.80 for a few weeks now. Just 2 hours north of here, the gas is 2.54. Go figure.

Toon said...

Communist? This is capitalism in its purest form.

FrankandMary said...

I just paid $3. I figure it is better than walking in 100 degree temps. ~Mary