Friday, July 9, 2010

Apparently, I'm a moron

So. Ahem. Yeah. So.

I have a hard time confessing when I've been a total moron. Sure: If I do some stupidly silly thing, I'll tell it before anyone else has a chance to. If I do something hugely stupid, I tend to be so ashamed that I cannot admit it.

Today, though, I found out my most monumentally stupid move EVER.

For quite some time, I've had no comments on my blog, other than Mom's. I accepted the fact that I don't post often enough, I'm on facebook too much, and everyone just got sick of checking back. OK, I'll quit blogging. Whatever. I'm OK with that, since FB is such an "instant gratification" environment. I'll live without blogging.

Today, I was looking for a certain post on my blog, from way back. I went to the dashboard (which I NEVER go to) and saw something odd. "73 comments awaiting moderation." Huh? What is that about?


Oh YEAH! Back in January, I changed things so that I had to approve any comment! Mom's comments show, because she's an admin on my blog. Everyone else had to await approval. Holy crimeny! I had 49 actual comments (after getting rid of spam) that had been left between January and July.

What an idiot! I forgot I made that change! After approving them, the emails rolled in. I read each comment and felt SO good. Remo telling me that it's OK to drive with 2 feet, Russ telling me why he shouldn't have kids, many well-wishes on Sadie's passing, guesses on mom's surgery, Heather making me realize that she DOES know I exist. Oh my Lord, how thrilled I was to sit and read all of those comments.

Thank you all. I SHALL keep blogging. Maybe not every day, but certainly more than in the past. I promise to check the dashboard more often. When I made the change, I really thought I'd get an email when a comment was waiting (that's what happens with the work blog) so I just assumed that nobody commented anymore.

Also, I'm still reading all of your blogs. I don't comment enough. I will do better at THAT, too.

Thanks, blog friends. Thanks.


Donna said...

I wondered about your lack of comments too. To me, it's easier to have people type in a stupid nonsense word than for me to have to approve each comment.

Lisa said...

Rachel, you make me feel guilty, I have not updated my blog in like 7 months, bad bad bad, Hugs Lisa

small farm girl said...

Finally! I though you had taken lessons off of my husband. I was talking and nobody was listening. lol!!!

Rachel said...

I switched it now, so it'll ask for a captcha instead of moderation. I cannot believe it, still. What an idiot.

Amy said...'re all "Screw y'all!....what?....huh? I have comments?! Oh."

(my WV: woodi)

Toon said...

I wondered......

Anonymous said...

Ha. That's all I'll say ;-0.

Anonymous said...

This comment is awaiting moderation

Debbie said...

I'm glad you're sticking around. I enjoy reading your blog and stop by as often as I can. I'm the worlds worst about leaving comments and like you I need to remedy that. Blog on!!!!