Thursday, June 13, 2013

Catching Up

It's been three weeks since my surgery.  He decided to have me wear a sling so I wouldn't use my left arm much.  The radiation makes it difficult for the tissue to heal, so he's taking every precaution.  Dr. Google let me know what the chances are for a failure of some sort, so I'm wearing the sling and doing what I'm told.  My coworkers and I have been having fun blinging it up.  We call it "Sling Bling.

I started a new shift at work.  Usually, we all take turns working the "late shift."  Someone stays and answers phone calls from 5-7:30 Monday through Thursday, so when it's your turn, you work 11:30 - 7:30 for those four days, and then normal hours on Friday.  Because medical stuff took all my vacation, I asked to work 8:30-7:30 for four days and have Fridays off.  It makes for some LONG days, but it's worth it on Friday. 

I will go see my plastic surgeon on Wednesday of next week.  I don't know if he'll let me out of the sling or not, but I'm hoping so.  I can already tell that I've lost everything that I had gained with therapy, but I'll just start the exercises again and get it back.  I'm so glad to be moving on.  I'm not healing as well on the right side as I think I should.  I hope that it's either better by next week, or he does something to help it along.  I'm still having to bandage the incisions every day.

We had to get our air conditioner charged with coolant today.  We hadn't used it yet, so we turned it on Monday for the first time and it blew warm air.  He left a bill for us.  $300.  Ouch.  Poor Kevin was wanting to get some ammo this weekend, too.  He traded guns with a guy and he hasn't even got to shoot it yet! 

Tomorrow is my parent's anniversary, Sunday is my dad's birthday and Father's Day, and Monday is my wedding anniversary.  Lots of celebration, even though we don't celebrate big.  We pretty much just tell each other how much we appreciate one another, and leave it at that.  Greeting card companies don't make much off of us.

That's about all the catching up that I have.  I really want to do better at updating more often.  With this new shift, I think I can make it work.  I hope.  Maybe.

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