Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Day Has Arrived

It's been a long year.  It's been a really bad year, actually.  Things keep getting better, though.  Today, in less than an hour, in  fact, we'll be heading to the hospital for my reconstructive surgery.  They'll remove the hard-as-a-rock tissue expander that they put in last April during the mastectomy, and replace it with a permanent implant.  He has a lot of shaping and scar tissue removal to do while he's in there.

Then, he'll do a reduction and lift on the other side for symmetry.  That's the side that will likely have the most pain, but the reconstruction side is the side we'll have to watch closely.  Because of the radiation on that side, the tissue will have a tougher time healing.  I may be in a sling for a while just to keep my arm still.  Whatever it takes, I'll do it.  I'm taking every possible precaution against infection and problems.  The "failure rate" of this surgery after radiation is a little scary, but as long as I follow all the doctor's rules and warnings, I have faith that it will be fine.

Kevin and I will head out around 5:15 to arrive at the Shawnee Mission Surgical Center by 7.  The procedure is to start at 8:30 and will take around 3 hours.  After an hour or two in recovery, we'll head home.  Kevin will be in charge of updating folks.  I'll be home and medicated by 5, if everything goes as planned.  Here we go!


Back Porch Writer said...

Praying for you Rachel and this time tomorrow the surgery over and healing begins.

Anita said...

You have my prayers, too.

Anita said...

The header picture (the 3 girls) - adorable!

Southern Gal said...

Dear Rachel,
You've had an up hill battle this past year. You've shown such strength. Your in my prayers. God is always near you.

Shininggoober said...

I'm sending good thoughts your way Rachel :)