Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who's in Charge Here?

I work hard every day.  Kevin works hard, too.  We buy dog food, fill water dishes, protect our pets from extreme weather, and shower them with love and affection.  We are doting pet owners.  We do everything we can to ensure they have a happy and healthy life.  What do they bring to the table?  Entertainment and loyalty and....well, and nothing else.

They wake us at ungodly hours and bark when we wish they'd shut up and shed all over my house and smell bad and I could go on and on.  Why do I have dogs?  I have NO idea why I'm so in love with these hair-balls.  Still, as one-sided as this relationship is, Susie feels that she runs the show.

I've never had a dog that expresses her wants and needs this well.  You are never in doubt what she wants.  She spins in front of her desired door.  Front door spinning?  She wants to go potty.  Back door spinning?  She wants out to play with Radar, or wants the boys to come in. Side door spinning?  She wants to be fed.  It's easy.

In fact, when she's ready for bed, she goes to the bedroom.  However, she's only happy going to bed in both Kevin and I go to bed.  He goes to bed ridiculously early, and wakes ridiculously early.  I go to bed much later and wake much later.  This ticks her off.  A lot.

I get home, Kevin is asleep, and I start watching TV and maybe having a beer.  Susie starts spinning in front of the bedroom door.  I ignore her.  She hops on my lap and then runs back to the bedroom door.  Yeah, I get it, Susie.  You want to go to bed.  Not yet.  She sighs.

Finally, she's lying on the couch, pouting, and sighs heavily every 10 minutes or so.  It's funny, but annoying.  When I finally go to bed, she runs in there with me and assumes that I FINALLY got the idea.  Stupid humans, right?  It makes me realize that SHE is often in charge.  She doesn't work, she doesn't take care of the house, she doesn't clean, and she doesn't contribute in any way (other than companionship) to this household.  But she is running this show.

She wins.  Goodnight.

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Donna said...

I was just thinking this morning how dogs boss us around. Iris scratches at the door and I jump up to let her in, or stop what I'm doing and RUN to open the door for her. I'm a slave to a dog.