Sunday, June 23, 2013

In Search of Sleep

I like my sleep.  I strive for 8 hours each night.  I'll settle for 7, and can get by on 6 in an emergency, but I sure am more pleasant to be around when I've had 8.  My mom frequently struggles to get enough sleep.  I've always felt blessed that I don't have that problem.

Even when taking chemo, I only struggled for sleep for a couple of days after each treatment, due to the steroids that they shot me full of.  While many of my sisters in treatment struggled, I climbed into bed and passed out almost every day within moments.

Since this last procedure, I'm completely exhausted but having trouble sleeping.  I don't know if it's because I'm feeling a bit down, or the combination of the bottles of pills beside me, or the necessity for sleeping in the recliner, or the bandages wrapped tight around my chest.  Heck, it's likely a combination.

So tonight, I am going to take an Ambien.  In fact, I just did.  I have to get back to work tomorrow whether I'm ready or not.  I'll have to allow time to shower (my left arm is useless, it has become so weak,) and bandage myself, get Kami registered for VBS and then get off to work.  For all of that to flow seamlessly, I need sleep.  I popped that thing 20 minutes ago, and I'm already getting kind of fuzzy-headed. 

I'm hoping a good night's sleep improves my foul mood.  My family deserves  it.  Here's to tomorrow!    And here's to better living through chemistry.


Shell said...

Ask your doctor for Xanax. A little bit goes a long way for dealing with anxiety and disordered sleep.

Tammy Johnson said...

How did the Ambien work? Ben said he dreamed some crazy dreams when he took it.